Algeria’s Pension Payment Reform

Merad Boudia Sakina . Chikh Mohammed .

  • Chikh Mohammed Public governance and social economy laboratory, University of Tlemcen (Algeria),
  • Merad Boudia Sakina Public governance and social economy laboratory, University of Tlemcen (Algeria)
Keywords: Retirement, pension reform, defined benefit, defined contribution, deficit


Retirement plays an important role in achieving inter-generational social justice and within the generation itself. It is a solidarity system in which contributions from the active generation are deducted and paid to retirees. However, this system continues to be expense on the state and the latter must search for additional resources to cover these expenses. Furthermore, the current challenges that Retirement systems face is financing, its appropriateness and its sustainability. The state should consider a new pension reform similar to majority of countries that have raised the participation rate and extended the age of referral to retirement in order to obtain additional contributions, creating thus abundance of financial resources. But the question that arises is: How does Algeria face the deficit problem?

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