Role of tourism security in supporting the construction of tourism in Algeria

Sassane Nabila,Hlimi Leila

  • Sassane Nabila Faculty of Economic and Management , University of Souk Ahras , Algeria,
  • Hlimi Leila Faculty of Economic and Management ,University of Blida, Algeria
Keywords: Tourism, Tourism Safety, Tourism Industry, Risks


The purpose of this article is to focus on tourism safety, which is considered the most important element for the success and development of the tourism sector in all countries.  Where we aim to study the relationship between tourism security and the tourism industry, and how to provide an appropriate tourism security climate to develop and promote the sector.

       The research was divided into three main axes.  The first axis deals with the theoretical approach of the tourism industry and the different concepts associated with it, the second axis addresses the general framework of the concepts of the study variable related to tourism security.  Finally to provide an analytical study of the relationship between these two concepts, and to know the impact of tourism safety in supporting and developing the tourism industry.

       The study concluded that tourism security was a key factor in polarization and tourist attraction and limited the various barriers to tourism safety in general and to the tourism industry in particular.

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