Comment optimiser la gestion de la trésorerie de l’Etat ? Cas de l’Algérie


  • KHECHAIMIA Khaoula
Keywords: La gestion, la trésorerie de l’Etat, Modèle de croissance économique, Optimisation, Les finances publiques


In Algeria as elsewhere, the management of the public treasury as guarantor of the financial continuity of the State and its dismemberments occupies a place of choice in the financial doctrine. However, in practice, it must be recognized, it is not sufficiently apprehended.

Our paper came at an opportune moment (international and national conjuncture) and more particularly with the theme chosen which reveals a particular interest. The aim is to define the contours of cash management and the conditions for its optimization.

The state treasury is considered as the core of the public finances since it represents the last link in the execution of the receipts and the public expenses and because of this it undergoes the actions of the various actors and actors of the public accountancy.

In terms of public finances, this approach should be translated into concrete reforms focused mainly on revenue growth and the rationalization of public spending, always keeping in view the development of human resources and improving the quality of the public service.

Thus, the management of such a cash flow would only be a regulation of disbursements leading to a management of the debt in the face of the deficits of the treasury that will be unavoidable.

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Khaoula K. (2022). Comment optimiser la gestion de la trésorerie de l’Etat ? Cas de l’Algérie. Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship , 5(1), 23-34.