Economic Intelligence and competitive advantage Theoretical Root and Key Concepts -Global Models-

Guerrairi noureddine

  • noureddine Guerrairi LAPDEC, Mascara University, Algeria
Keywords: Economic Intelligence, Strategic Vigilance, Competitive


The concept of economic intelligence in Algeria is still not widely used, due to several considerations, including its connection to the concept of competitiveness, which most Algerian economic institutions lack. This research paper aims, in general, to clarify the role that economic intelligence plays in achieving the competitive advantage of the economies of countries and organizations, and to achieve results. The research is divided into three main axes through which the first axis is addressed to the theoretical establishment of the concept of economic intelligence, the second axis is what is meant by competitive advantage and finally, the third axis came to develop an understanding of the relationship that links economic intelligence to competitive advantage. The results of the descriptive analysis of the research showed that economic intelligence systems are considered one of the most important components of sustainability and consolidation of competitive advantages. The study also recommended, by making use of pioneering models in economic intelligence, the necessity of investing Algerian economic institutions in concepts related to economic intelligence, especially those related to the element of knowledge and strategic vigilance.

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Guerrairi, noureddine. (2022). Economic Intelligence and competitive advantage Theoretical Root and Key Concepts -Global Models-. Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship , 5(3), 157-173.