Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope  

Original papers containing the findings of scientifically and technically relevant and socially responsible research studies are published in The Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship, with the goal of contributing to the advancement of theoretical, methodological-methodological and implementation methods in coping with increasingly complex and diverse economic and management phenomena and problems.

 The journal is interested in all the economic studies including the following subdisciplines: The Financial Economics, Econometrics, The Economics of Banking, The Economics of Development, International Finance, Public Finance, and Taxation…etc

 The interest of the journal combines also the management subjects like Management, Marketing, Strategic management, Human Resource Management, Systems of Information and Communication, Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Feasibility Studies, Operational Management, Models of Decision Making . . .

The focus of the journal widens to include the empirical methods in Economics and Finance like: Statistics, Probability, Data Analysis; and the economic and managerial topics related to Sociology, Psychology and Law issues.

  • Economic Theory

  • Developing Process

  • Sustainable Growth

  • National And International Income Distribution

  • Natural Resources

  • Productivity Developments

  • Macroeconomic Policies

  • Sectors Of Economy: Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary; Or Agricultural Sector, Industrial Sector And Service Sector

  • Accounting

  • Administrative System

  • Banking

  • Business

  • Business Economics

  • Business Policy and Strategy

  • Critical Management Studies

  • Digital Economy

  • Economics

  • Educational Economies

  • Energy Economies

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Environmental Economy

  • Finance

  • Health Care Economics

  • Knowledge Management

    • Human Resource Management

    • Logistics

    • Knowledge-Economy

    Management of Enterprises

  • Development Strategies

  • Operations Management

  • Organizational Management

  • Production Management

  • Project and Quality Management

 • Logistics

 • Management of Behavior

 • Management of Enterprises

 • Management Psychology

 • Management Strategy

 • Marketing Management

 • Operations Management

 • Organizational Management

 • Port Management

 • Production Management

 • Project and Quality Management

 • Public Administration

 • Public Sector Management

 • Risk Management and Insurance

 • Security and Risk Management

 • Service Innovation and Management

  • Small and medium business

  • Startup business

  • Business law

 • Sociology For Business Studies

  • Psychology For Business Studies

  The editorial policy implies a continual improvement in the quality of the journal. Accordingly, theoretical, methodological and applicative significance, effect, originality and clarification are the deciding criteria for the selection of publication articles.

  It is possible to submit only original manuscripts previously unpublished and not submitted for publication anywhere else. The subject matter of the double-blind review process is all the manuscripts submitted. Only manuscripts that have received at least two favorable reviews during the review process are published in the journal.

Given its international focus, the journal is particularly accessible to contributions from abroad that are scientifically and practically credible.

 Online free access to the full-text content of all written contributions is offered by the Journal.

Authors are expected to have written the submitted manuscripts in compliance with the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement, and in compliance with the Author Guide of The Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship.