Digital Archiving and Preservation

Digital archiving and preservation:

      To preserve all published scientific content digitally, the Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship is committed to providing all journal content to the The PKP

Preservation Network (PLN) that will preserve the content of any journal using Open Journal Systems (OJS) regardless of where it is hosted and who publishes the journal. It leverages the distributed custody network model used by the LOCKSS Private Network backed by the organizational commitment of PKP partners and sponsors who are also members of the LOCKSS Alliance. More information is available at

All contents of the Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship are now archived on the Keepers Registry  (which acts as a global watchdog for the archiving arrangements for continuing resources).

This is to ensure that scientific content published by the Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship remains available to readers and researchers despite any accidental loss of data in his personal archive records. The Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship has also made sure that the metadata for all its content is compatible with PKP PN and its digital crawlers.

All papers published in the journal are archived in Algeria's archive system: the Algerian Scientific Platform (ASJP).

This service allows the creation of an advanced search index for the archive of journals and the maintenance of a record of all open access archives of Algerian journals containing information on a wide range of subjects with multidisciplinary knowledge to facilitate the effective publication of content and increase the availability of scientific exchange.

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1.Collecting personal information

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The data collected from registered and unregistered users of this journal falls within the standard performance range for peer-reviewed journals. It contains information that makes communication possible for editors and is used to inform readers of the author and edit content.

2.Secure your data

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