Misconduct & Plagiarism

Misconduct and plagiarism:

  1. Dealing with allegations of misconduct

  2. Literary politics

1- Dealing with allegations of misconduct

The Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship adheres to Committee for Publication Ethics COPE with guidelines regarding misconduct and downturns. We treat ethical claims with rigor and credibility because it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity of the scientific record as much as possible.

Our relationship with our authors is based on trust and we publish materials submitted in good faith. However, if a potential breach of ethics is brought to our attention, we will refer the case to a commission that clarifies our facts. The committee includes representatives from the journal's legal division, as well as senior management and editorial staff. The panel may seek advice from the journal's editorial board, and it may need to escalate the investigation to the author's organization for more information. The committee will decide the most appropriate action to take following industry guidelines and advise on any corrections, including reversals, that may be required in the published record.


Please note:

  • Misconduct investigations are sensitive and can take time

  • The Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship has the right to contact a sole proprietorship regarding allegations of misconduct, as per COPE guidelines.

  • Economic growth and entrepreneurship reserve the right not to work with anyone who offends our employees, authors, reviewers, or editors.

To report any concerns about potential misconduct, please contact the editorial office of the Journal of Economic Growth and Enterpreneurship. We follow COPE guidelines on responding to whistleblowers, which include protecting your anonymity