Developments in the use of environmental taxes in Algeria

Harrouchi djelloul

  • Harrouchi djelloul The Spatial and Entrepreneurial Development Studies Laboratory , University of Adrar , Algeria,
Keywords: Pollution, The Environment, Environmental Taxes, The Algerian Tax System, Tax Law


A growing global and national interest in environmental issues, and thus the means and tools that can be used to stop environmental degradation. Legal regulation is one of the most important means used for this purpose, while the efficiency of the economic means and incentives themselves are often imposed in many cases, and the financial means - mainly taxes - have become one of the most important means that achieve the required protection. The means to achieve what has become known as sustainable development. Algerian legislation in the field of environmental protection has kept pace with developments in the world. As Algeria adopted an environmental tax system that included many environmental taxes and various sectors, including: solid waste, industrial sectors, air emissions ... Through this research, we are trying to track the impact of these taxes, and the development of their effectiveness in facing environmental degradation in the country.

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