Social Media, a strategic tool for marketing

OUADI Azeddine, SAIDANE Mohamed , GUERAD Yacine

  • OUADI Azeddine University of Bouira
  • SAIDANE Mohamed University of oran2
  • GUERAD Yacine University of Bouira
Keywords: social media, company, communication, marketing mix, consumer


Interaction with the customer becomes a sine condition to ensure the sustainability of companies. Like virtual platforms, social media offer powerful interaction tools that help strengthen the relationship with customers. With these social spaces where conversation is the raw material, traditional communication is no longer enough to shape the brand image of the company and to control its future and its future. Orientation towards online communication via social networks is becoming a must for companies wishing to ensure their growth and development. Indeed, web 2.0 technologies have allowed communication to broaden its themes to get closer to customers. As a result, it is a success, on the strategic level, because of its incomparable quality in terms of immediacy, globalization, maximum possibilities of presentation and communication

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Azeddine, O., Mohamed , S., & Yacine , G. (2023). Social Media, a strategic tool for marketing. Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship , 6(1), 70-79.